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Photographs of Georgia O’keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz

Georgia O’Keeffe was one of the most photographed women of the twentieth century. She actively participated in the creation of her own dramatic image, beginning in 1918, with the series of more than 300 photographs created by Alfred Stieglitz, the avant-garde photographer and gallerist who became her husband in 1924.

The Museum’s photographic archive supports its mission to preserve, present, and advance Georgia O’Keeffe’s artistic legacy.

The Museum’s photographic archive forms an invaluable record of O’Keeffe’s life in art, a creative practice that spanned the twentieth century and the rise of American Modernism.

A selection of the Museum's archive of Stieglitz's photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe are available for purchase in a range of sizes and frame styles.